Blood Filter

Seraph® 100 Microbind® Affinity Filter

Seraph Blood Filter: An Overview

  • Unique, broad-spectrum hemoperfusion device
  • Designed to safely and effectively treat bloodstream infections
  • Allows up to 99% reduction of bloodstream pathogens during a single treatment
  • End-point-attached heparin surface is highly antithrombogenic, contributing to device safety
  • Compatible with most blood purification equipment
  • Can be used alone or concurrently with hemodialysis
Seraph® 100 is a unique tool to help provide a global solution to life-threatening blood infections.

— Keith McCrea
Chief Science Officer, ExThera

Key attributes of Seraph:

  • Designed to quickly reduce drugresistant and drug-susceptible pathogens
  • Large binding capacity for pathogens
  • Broad-spectrum hemoperfusion device for reducing pathogens during bloodstream infections
  • Safe and effective
  • Non-toxic

Pathogens that bind to Seraph 100 include, but are not limited to1

1Data is based on independent laboratory studies; available upon request
MRSA E. faecium
S. aureus A. baumannii
K. pneumoniae S. epidermidis
K. pneumoniae (CRE) MRSE
K. pneumoniae (MDR) CMV
S. pyogenes Adenovirus
S. marcescens Zika
S. pneumoniae Ebola
E. faecalis C. albicans
E. faecalis (VRE) E. coli
E. coli (CRE)